Research Projects

Current Projects

FCT Grant: PTDC/DTP-DES/5714/2014: Contralateral effects of low intensity resistance training combined with blood flow restriction; 132.000, 00€. Principal Investigator: Gonçalo Mendonça

Completed Projects

FCT grant: PTDC/DES/119678/2010:  Development of video-based motion analysis in team sports: measuring performance and intervention effectiveness; 138.507,00€. Principal Investigator: Duarte Araújo.

FCT grant: PTDC/DES/113156/2009: The impact of regular competitive sport, extracurricular school-based sport and out-of-school-time physical activities on lifestyle and quality of life of children and adolescents (11 to 16 years) considering their bone age. €. Principal Investigator: Isabel Fragoso.

FCT grant: PTDC/DES/105176/2008: Neuromuscular activity in the golf swing with implications for the practice and in the prevention of overuse injuries; 45.372,00 €. Principal Investigator Jan Cabri/ Pedro Pezarat Correia.