Vanessa Sofia Teigão dos Santos

The main research interests are focused in the cardiovascular diseases, using the state of the art methods during an exercise training program designed for persons with cardiovascular diseases. The researcher is also interested in acute and chronic adaptations to exercise and developing new exercise prescription models, combined differents modalities, using high intensity interval training as an alternative to the traditional physical activity recommendations and stregth trainning.

Maria Rita da Silva Alexandre Pinto

Rita Pinto develops her doctoral research on the field of the effects of a long term exercise training in patients with cardiovascular disease in Portugal (funded by the University of Lisbon and Faculty of Human Kinetics). To overcome the lack of knowledge regarding the physiological effects after hospital-based Cardiac Rehabilitation program, a 12 month RCT study is being performed. This study will hopefully contribute to generate evidence-based exercise prescription approaches to prolong the exercise training after the end of hospital-based Cardiac Rehabilitation program. General research lines are: cardiovascular disease, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise testing, oxygen kinetics, exercise prescription.

João Pedro Reis Magalhães

João Magalhães current research interests focus on the graded and dose-response relationships between sedentary behavior and physical activity, with obesity, metabolic and other chronic diseases across the life span, and related mechanistic and prevention models, with a special focus on exercise interventions on people with type 2 diabetes.

Further interests are on the assessment of Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity Using reference methods (doubly labeled water) and objective methods (proportional actigraphy, and combined sensors using heart rate and motion sensors).

Tiago André Freire de Almeida

Tiago André Freire de Almeida completed his graduation and master degree in sports sciences and in teaching of physical education at the Faculty of Human Kinetics. He is currently a PhD student also at the FMH in the Interdisciplinary Center of Human Performance in exercise physiology, studying the oxygen uptake response at maximal and supramaximal intensities and also in intermittent training sets in swimmers. During his PhD he has been participating in several studies regarding sports physiology with athletes from running, cycling, kayaking, fitness or combat sports. He also had the opportunity to cooperate with the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Optimization of Human Sports Performance at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, where he carried out the data collection for the study. During his career he was responsible for coaching the Portuguese swimming national team for the Deaf for 5 years in cooperation with the Portuguese League of Sports for the Deaf.

Rui Damas

Rui Sousa Damas is a PhD student in human kinetics with a focus on rehabilitation at the Laboratory of Expertise in Sport (SpertLab), Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Universidade de Lisboa (FMH, ULisboa), where he is developing a research on “Factors influencing participation of people with disability in sport and physical education” supervised by Professor Leonor Moniz-Pereira and Professor António Rosado.

He holds a Master in High Performance Training (2012) with the study “Patterns of visual search in basketball coaches” and a degree in Sport Science – Physical Education (2009) (all from FMH, ULisboa). Since 2010 he teaches as Invited Assistant (Profesor) “Adapted Physical Activity” and “Inclusion Strategies in Physical Education” in Sports Science degree and Masters in Education in Physical Education Teaching Basic and Secondary, respectively. He has particular interest in study: participation of people with disability in physical activity, physical education and sports; Physical education teacher’s self- efficacy in inclusion students with disabilities; performance in goalball; and reverse inclusion. Since 2010 he started to collaborate in the development of Goalball in Portugal as a Sport Coordinator, International Referee and Coach.

Lara Raquel Pimentel Costa e Silva

Lara Costa e Silva is a specialist and MSc in Physical Therapy and it’s now finishing her PhD in the branch of human kinetics – rehabilitation at the Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon. She has been working as a Researcher at the Laboratory of Physiology and Biochemistry of Exercise, CIPER (FMH-UL), since 2011. Her main investigations have been developed in the epidemiology of sports injuries in children and adolescentes. She has particular interest in studying the relation between sports injuries, maturation, physical activity level and biosocial variables. She is the author of some scientific articles and international communications in this research area. Lara Costa e Silva is Coordinator and Professor in Physical Therapy degree at Universidade Atlântica.

João Ramos

Maria de Fátima Florentino Gonçalves Ramalho

Lecturing Activities

Functional screening an exercise prescription in special populations (postural and functional imbalances). Group and individual physical fitness methodology

Research interests

Research focused on the elderly population and the risk of falling within the following aspects:

Design and implementation of exercise program centered on fall risk factors – posture, balance, lower limb strength and power and gait pattern. Pedography assessment to characterize of the magnitude and distribution of plantar pressure associated with gait in elderly. Characterization of physical activity level, perceived health, functional status and it’s relationship to the occurrence of falls in this population.

Helô-Isa Oliveira Viana André

Lecturing activities

Group Fitness Activities Didactics and Physical Activities Methodology

Research interests

  • Aging, Physical Activity and Health;
  • Biomechanics of Elderly Gait;
  • Effects of exercise programs in preventing falls in elderly.

Eduardo Brazete Cruz

Lecturing activities

  • Member of the Board of the Master in Physiotherapy provided in partnership with the Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas e Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  • Principal supervisor of MSc students in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and co-supervisor for PhD students.
  • Responsible for curricular Units of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Evidence-Informed Practice and Clinical Research methods.

Research interests

  • Prognostic Models;
  • Outcomes research;
  • Responsiveness and interpretability of Health Patient Reported Outcomes