Research Projects

Current Research Projects

H2020-PHC-21-2015-690494 – “i-Prognosis – Intelligent Parkinson eaRly detectiOn Guiding Novel Supportive InterventionS”

H2020-PHC-2014 SEP-210140063 – “NOHOW: Evidence-based ICT Tools for Weight Loss Maintenance” (

FP7 HEALTH.2013.GA602170 – “EUROFIT – Social Innovation To Improve Physical Activity And Sedentary Behavior Through Elite European Football Clubs: European Fans In Training” (

EEA-Grants Program – “IAN-AF: The National Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey” (

PTDC/DES/122395/2010 – “RIAP: Repositório de Instrumentos de Avaliação Psicossocial, An Open-Access Repository of Self-Regulation Measures for Exercise, Eating, and Weight Control” (

PTDC/DES/72317/2006 – “RNCP: The Portuguese National Weight Control Registry; The Role of Physical Activity in Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance” (

Completed Research Projects

FP7-HEALTH.2011.278186 – “SPOTLIGHT: Sustainable Prevention Of Obesity Through Integrated Strategies” (

FP6 SAS6-CT-2005-016646 – “EUROBESE: Ethics and the Obesity and Overweight Epidemic: Image, Culture, Technologies and Interventions” (

R01 DK57453 – “The PILOT Study: Profile-based, Internet-Linked Obesity Trial”

FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES-CT-2010-247630 – “ MEMO International: Mediating and Moderating Variable Analysis in Energy; Balance Behaviours Change Interventions – An International Collaboration” (

PTDC/DES/114867/2009 – “ Physical Activity and the Self-regulation of Eating Behavior and Body Weight”