Catarina N. Matias

I am an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry in Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon. My academic formation include a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry obtained in Beira Interior University (2007), a post-graduation in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master degree in Immunology-Biochemistry (2008) in Beira Interior University, and a PhD in Physical Activity and Health (2014) in Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon.

The knowledge of body water pools are my main research interest. The applicability of this research item and the association between water compartments, body composition and physical performance, in athletic population are the main focus of my investigation.

In the laboratorial setting my research is conducted in order to answer questions relating total body water, water compartments, the ion species diluted in the aqueous compartments of the human body, as well as body composition of high performance athletes. Therefore the development of simple models to the evaluation and monitoring the aqueous pools and their effects on body composition and physical performance are my main investigation goal.

During my researcher career 31 original articles were published in international peer-reviewed journals and the finding disseminations in international meetings include over 48 communications and 58 conference papers and resumes in international peer-reviewed journals. The publications were a result of several projects participation as a team member

I am a reviewer for scientific journals in the field of Nutrition and Body Composition related journals.

Currently I am involved in a post-doc research project, a novel intervention to former athletes.