Fernando Pereira

Fernando Manuel da Cruz Duarte Pereira is Assistant Professor at FMH, University of Lisbon Teaches, since 1980 ISEF. Currently, responsible for the curricular units: Exercise and Work Physiology; Prevention Safety Emergency -graduate; Pediatric Exercise Physiology, Child Mobility Safety -master.

Since 1999, holds a PhD in Human Kinetics, degree in Physical Education (1985).Technical consultant of the Portuguese Navy ISN. Coordinator of FMH Mar project. Representant at the Sea Network – UL for Tourism and Economics, Blue Well-Being. Safety consultant and course director for Nautical Education Centers/School Sport in a program between Education Ministry and FMH-UL. Responsible of the National Center for Sport Safety-Nature Adventure & Tourism, FMH.  Promoter of several postgraduate Courses, in Outdoor Adventure, Experiential Outdoor Education, Military Training and Leadership. Invited speaker in national and international conferences. Founder member of the Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratory and researcher of CIPER BIOLAD. President Pedagogical Board (2010-2014), currently member of the Represents Assembly. He publishes articles in international journals, books and book chapters. Research interests: Exercise and Work, Advanced Environmental – Physiology; Outdoor sports – Nautical and Water; Motor Learning and Development, Perception and Action, Sport &Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Services, Safety & Well-Being. Cinamil Researcher (Military Academy Center) Ecological Motor tasks, Training, Physical Condition and Combat. He prepared and evaluated several subjects in commercial extreme expeditions. Sports Technical Director. Teaches Coaches for Sport Federations. President of National Commission of Underwater Federation – FPAS, coach for underwater activities, Diving instructor, CMAS M1. His passions are helping people and the Sea.