Francisco Alves

Full professor of the Department of Sport and Health Sciences of the Faculty of Human Kinetics, responsable for the discipline of “Theory and Methodology of Sports Coaching” in undergraduation and graduation studies. Director of the Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, research unit which has being for the last 8 years largely involved in high level athletes evaluation and advising, with permanent contracts with several national sports federations and the Institute of Sports of Portugal. Main research activity deals with bioenergetic and biomechanical efficiency evaluation in endurance sports performance, with special interest in swimming and triathlon, linked to the discussion of training methods and periodization. Main research domain: Metabolic performance evaluation of endurance athletes. Other research interests: Training methods and periodization on endurance sports; Analysis of the impact of the training loads on indicators of fatigue and adaptation; Fatigue and technical characteristics of sports performance; Lactate testing and performance prediction; Endurance training in adolescent athletes: trainability of biological aspects and maturation; Bioenergetic and biomechanical determinants of efficiency in human locomotion in sports activities. Methods of kinematical 3D analysis of human movement in swimming. Propulsion and drag in swimming techniques.