Luís Massuça

Luís Massuça, concluded a 5 yr graduation in Physical Education and Sport (BSc) and a Master degree in Teaching Physical Education in Basic and Secondary Education (MEd) at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Universidade Lusófona, and a Master degree in Elite Training (PgD, MSc) and a PhD in Human Kinetics at the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (Cruz-Quebrada).

He is an Associated Professor, and chairs the CUs of Anatomophysiology (1st Cycle), Talent Identification and Development (2nd Cycle: Athletic Training), and Talent Scouting and Guidance (2nd Cycle: Soccer training – from youth to high performance), at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Universidade Lusófona. He is also an Invited Assistant Professor, and chairs the CUs of Sports (Integrated Master), at the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security.

Luís Massuça is a collaborating member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Human Performance (Laboratory of Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry, BioLad group, CIPER, Faculty of Human Kinetics, Universidade de Lisboa) since 2015, and his main research interests is mainly related to (1) Talent identification and development in sports, (2) Kinanthropometry, and (3) Physical fitness standards for emergency response occupations.

On these research domains, he has (Co-) author of one book, several book chapters and peer-reviewed papers in high-quality scientific journals, and participated in numerous international conferences. He also served as a reviewer for many well-respected journals in the field of Sports Science, Sports Medicine and Military Medicine.