Marlene Silva

Marlene Nunes Silva is a Research Associate at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Human Kinetics, and a guest Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport- University Lusófona, Lisbon. She is a clinical psychologist, post-graduated in health promotion, who received her Ph.D. in Exercise and Health in 2010, in this year she also received a Young Investigator award in Sport Sciences. Her research revolves around the field of motivational, self-regulatory and behavioral predictors of physical activity and weight control, applying self-determination theory to health behavior change interventions (in overweight adults). Motivation and training of health professionals, seeking to understand antecedents of need-supportive vs. controlling motivational practices are additional areas of interest. She has published over 23 international peer-reviewed articles (google scholar h-index 15), and was a co-author of 3 international books Chapters and 1 national book. She is currently the national coordinator of EuroFIT, an European Commission funded project (FP7), designed to harness the personal connection, loyalty and attachment men feel to football and their club, to engage them in health-promoting lifestyle change programs (implemented in 15 elite European Clubs). In the past she participated in several FCT-funded projects, namely: the PESO Study and the Portuguese National Weight Control Registry (helping in implementation and assessments); the Open-Access Repository of Self-Regulation Measures for Exercise, Eating, and Weight Control (Scientific Member).