Rita Cordovil

Rita Cordovil is an Assistant Professor at the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, University of Lisbon (FMH-UL). She teaches Motor Development and is a member of the Motor Behavior Laboratory and of CIPER (BioLad group) in FMH. She holds a PhD in Human Kinetics (2010), a Master in Sport Psychology (2005), and a degree in Sport Science (1996) (all from FMH). She was the vice-coordinator of the Master in Child Motor Development and currently is a member of the Board of the International Council for Children’s Play (ICCP). She publishes articles in international journals with impact factor, books and book chapters. In the past, she was a physical education teacher in different primary and secondary schools in the area of Lisbon. Research interests: Motor Development, Perception and Action, Child Safety.