Tiago André Freire de Almeida

Tiago André Freire de Almeida completed his graduation and master degree in sports sciences and in teaching of physical education at the Faculty of Human Kinetics. He is currently a PhD student also at the FMH in the Interdisciplinary Center of Human Performance in exercise physiology, studying the oxygen uptake response at maximal and supramaximal intensities and also in intermittent training sets in swimmers. During his PhD he has been participating in several studies regarding sports physiology with athletes from running, cycling, kayaking, fitness or combat sports. He also had the opportunity to cooperate with the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Optimization of Human Sports Performance at the State University of São Paulo, Brazil, where he carried out the data collection for the study. During his career he was responsible for coaching the Portuguese swimming national team for the Deaf for 5 years in cooperation with the Portuguese League of Sports for the Deaf.