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Research Overview

Skill learning involves processes responsible for changes in movement performance over time due to specific practices, emphasizing the environment and variability. 

The group pursue two research lines:

  1. Focuses on developing performance indicators for individual and collective performance in sport competition contexts namely: Novel wearable technology will be developed to collect and analyze athletes' performance data; A real-time location system is proposed, using multilateration techniques with wireless measures; An artificial intelligence multi-sensor fusion algorithm is aimed, which provides fault-tolerant information about athletes' states; Local improvements to the positioning system are to be made using inertial measurement sensors in players' wearables to enhance position estimation and orientation; A machine learning model is to be developed for online analysis and prediction during competitions, integrating motion data with contextual variables.
  2. Aims to explain long-term movement skill development and high-level performance resulting from the interplay between individual and environmental characteristics: Intervention methods to test the effects of different learning designs on manipulative, locomotor, and postural actions; Life-span paths of perceptual-motor development are to be described, including studies on babies, children, and the elderly; Context-specific movement practices, such as in sports, are to be described along with their biological, psychological, and social covariates to elucidate the path to expert performances.

This interdisciplinary project involves contributions from sport sciences, mathematics, data sciences, and end users like coaches and pedagogues, facilitating the design of effective training practices to enhance functioning. These two research lines contribute to CIPER's overarching goal of advancing knowledge in human kinetics, particularly in skill acquisition and performance enhancement across various contexts.

Keywords: Performance analysis; Expertise and training; Perceptual-motor development; Embodied cognition


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