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Research Overview

Research on physical activity and sedentary behavior methods, mechanisms, and sustained evidence-based interventions to improve health and energy regulation.

The Healthy Weight research group has two main objectives: i) to identify unique relationships of physical activity, sedentary behavior, and breaking up sedentary behavior with biomarkers and non-communicable diseases outcomes focused on measurement methods, mechanisms and interventions; ii) to translate the new knowledge by building capacity among stakeholders to share, implement and sustain individual tailored prescriptions and evidence-based interventions in communities.

The specific research topics include:

  1. To identify mechanisms and dose-response outcomes for priority non-communicable diseases.
  2. To develop evidence based intervention to test the feasibility and effectiveness of augmenting the physical activity patterns.
  3. To evaluate and develop new methods and protocols for body composition and movement accuracy assessment for consumer health and device development.
  4. To evaluate the relative role of physical activity patterns on biomarkers and non-communicable diseases outcomes.
  5. To develop innovative age-appropriate, interactive web-based and online resources and tools for assessing, monitoring and providing feedback to children and older adults on sedentary behavior, physical activity and health-related fitness.


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