Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Human Performance
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Message from the Coordinator

Message from the Coordinator

Duarte Araújo, PhD 

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the study of human Performance (CIPER) is to empower interdisciplinary research resources and build advanced research capacity among young, middle-career and senior investigators to address two societal trends: i) the increase in sedentary behaviour with its impact in health and wellbeing, and ii) sports performance across the lifespan. 

CIPER includes 60 doctorate-level investigators and 42 PhD students.

CIPER aims are to generate new knowledge about physical activity, sport training, and sedentary behaviour by developing measurement tools, investigating mechanisms and sensitive periods, and by translating research outcomes into health policies, and healthy sport practices with individual tailored and community settings approaches.

Innovative methodologies emerge from using existing knowledge and technology from biomechanics, systems biology, ecological psychology and behavioural changes theories and methods and applying them into an integrated approach.


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