Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Human Performance
Healthy Weight

Vision & Mission

The mission of CIPER is to generate and promote knowledge of human performance to improve the quality of life of individuals and society, and to improve sports performance.

This mission is accomplished through education, research, and service in the following areas:

  1. To design, validate, model and simulate tools to study human behavior and sports performance.
  2. To develop integrated experimental methodologies for the optimization of motor behavior.
  3. To establish common conceptual framework and criteria to different disciplines regarding the study of human performance and health behavior self-regulation.

In order to accomplish activities in these areas, it was considered paramount:

  1. To reinforce links with community projects creating new supporting programs concerning advice and scientific supervision.
  2. To strengthen the interaction with national and foreign research units as well as stakeholders, leading to common programs and networks.
  3. To enhance the international impact of the research unit, namely by publishing in peer reviewed journals.
  4. To create a hosting program for students at different academic levels, from initiation research to post-doctoral students.


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